302 Days Until 33

A day late on this post. Let’s nail it out quick.

#1 Less Than 500 Strikes, #2 2,000 Servings of Vegetables, #3 750 Servings of Fruit, #7 750 Hours of Exercise

117/500, 209/2000, 106/750, and 21:14/750:00. Waaaay behind on all these year long goals.

#5 One Month Continuous Glucose Monitor

Complete! I think a second month would be beneficial as I never tried to optimize my diet to minimize glucose response. Also, I never completed any long endurance activities while wearing the CGM. It would be interesting to see what a ‘bonk’ looks like in the actual blood sugar readings.

#8 Get Jacked (100 Day Muscle Build Routine)

Fell off the wagon. I’ve only lifted 5 times in the last three weeks when the goal was 15.

#13 Setup SIMPLE IRA For Business

Complete! First contributions came out of last month’s paychecks.

#12 $1M Revenue

$154k/$1M. Still working on that large multi-phase project. Submitted a phase of it earlier this month, which we’ll get paid for in another week.

#14 10 Hour of Productive Time for 200 Days

33/200. This goal is directly time to goal #15, in that when I avoid distraction, I tend to fill it with productive things. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

#15 200 Days No News/Social Media/YouTube

31/200. The Pavlok band that I mentioned in the last post bit the dust for good after giving my son a bath. After relapsing with numerous hours of News/YouTube, I purchased the much more stylish (and waterproof) Pavlok 3. Only two of three buttons work on the version I bought, but it delivers a reliable shock. I even installed a Chrome extension so that it auto-shocks me I unconsciously stray.

#16 48 Weeks Commitment Contract

8/9. I’m doing well making the weekly goals that I send to my Life Coach (aka Mother-In-Law), but not so good on actually accomplishing them. I think I need to increase the financial penalties each week to encourage accomplishment of the goals.

#27 Get Pilot’s License

The goal I’ve made the most progress on this month. I’ve had six lessons so far and we’ve already worked on stalls and take offs and landings. They supposedly let you fly by yourself with just 10-15 hours of experience (but it takes a minimum 40 hours to get your license and fly other people around). Learning to fly is both exhilarating and terrifying. I’ve also found myself wanting to use the phonetic alphabet when talking on the phone. Whiskey – Romeo – Oscar – Bravo – Echo – Lima. Pretentious, right?

#30 Fix Up Yard and Landscaping

My quest to grow grass where grass does not want to grow continues. I’ve spent far too much time moving the hose and sprinkler head around my yard to ensure that newly planted grass seed remains moist. I’ll be working on a cheap automated watering solution later this week (aka a janky above ground sprinkler system)

#32 Read to Roark for 300 Days

39/300. Reading to him isn’t difficult. It’s just remembering to read to him that I struggle with. Need to develop a routine

Wrap It Up!

Two goals complete this month is good progress. This month I’ll work on developing routines that will allow me to accomplish this plethora of goals. Based on a suggestion from my Life Coach, I’ll make sure I have a time blocked schedule.

Update over.

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