239 Days Until 33

My thought was to make this a monthly update, but I completely skipped last month, and I’m three days late on this month.

#1 Less Than 500 Strikes

291/500. 118(!) too many.

#2 2000 Servings of Vegetables

363/2000. 327 Servings behind.

#3 750 Servings of Fruit

197/750. 62 Servings behind.

#5 One Month Continuous Glucose Monitor


#7 750 Hours of Exercise

62/750. 196(!) hours behind

#9 KT Challenge w/ Zedweblog

In progress. Completed the 14 mile run yesterday. Will be traveling next week so will need to plan ahead to get the runs in.

#12 $1M Revenue

$439,194/$1M. $94k ahead. Finally, a goal I’m doing well at!

#13 Setup SIMPLE IRA for business


#14 10 Hours of Productive Time for 200 Days

62/200. 7 days behind.

#15 200 Days No News/Social Media/YouTube/Netflix

55/200. 14 days behind.

#16 48 Weeks Commitment Contract

14/48. 3 weeks behind

#25 Donate 10% of Income (post-tax)

10.19%/10%. 0.19% ahead. Another goal doing well at!

#27 Get Pilot’s License

I feel like I’m currently stuck getting landings dialed in. It’s all we’ve practiced the last 7 lessons. I think increasing the frequency of the lessons would be helpful with mastering landings.

#29 Volunteer 100 Hours

25/100. 9.3 hours behind

#32 Read to Roark 10 Minutes for 300 Days

70/300. 34 days behind. Despite receiving another shipment of children’s books from the tremendously thoughtful KTR2BURN, I’ve been slacking on this goal.

What a boring update! But in writing this post I created a tab on my ’33 Things Tracker’ that auto-calculates how far ahead/behind I am on all these goals.

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