Seinfeld and Lobster Fishing

Friday was a jam-packed day. I lifted weights in the morning, broke my goggles during my after work swim, MacGyver’d them back together, and then sped over to the Orpheum Theater to see Jerry Seinfeld perform stand up comedy.

The first thirty minutes of the show were tortuous, not because the routine wasn’t funny, but rather because the architects who designed the Orpheum forget to put space in between the rows of seats. After contorting my legs into the shape of a pretzel, I really enjoyed myself. The routine was very good and I’d highly recommend seeing him live. Afterwards, my friends and I headed downtown to do a little bar hopping and ended up at a joint that has my favorite drinking entertainment: The Lobster Machine.

The lobster machine is similar to those claw games at arcades, except instead of grabbing a stuffed animal, you try and catch a live lobster. At $2 per attempt, a lobster can get pretty expensive really quickly. This machine takes advantage of two of my character flaws:

  1. I’m super competitive and will keep trying something until I succeed, and
  2. I’m loose with money, especially when I’ve been drinking

Luckily, it only took 6 attempts to nab one

As you can see, I was pretty proud of myself. I’ve poured a lot of money into that machine over several bar visits and finally accomplished my life long dream. The waitress gave us the choice of throwing him back into the tank or boiling him to death for dinner. Looking into his beady eyes, I started to feel kind of guilty, but then I remembered how hungry I was.

That lobster was DE-LI-CIOUS! I I felt like quite the hunter-gatherer nabbing that crustacean and providing sustenance for all my drunken friends. Overall, a very successful night. Not triathlon related, but entertaining.

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