2012 Year In Review

I love spreadsheets. If it can be plotted, graphed, tracked, than I can find an excuse to make an Excel Document out of it. This year, I ran one marathon, completed three triathlons, and signed up for my first Ironman race! I think the best way to review the year is to look at the results that I achieved.

Eisenhower Marathon

My goal for this race was to run a 3:17. I didn’t come anywhere close to that time, but completing a marathon is an accomplishment in and of itself. The next marathon I run will be after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles.

Eisenhower Marathon Results

Papillion Mayor’s Triathlon

My goal for this race was to complete it in 1:20. I beat that goal by close to 6 minutes. It felt great to get the first triathlon out of the way (especially the first open water swim!) and to put up a respectable time in the process.

Papillion Tri Results

Omaha Triathlon

My goal for this race was to complete it in in 2:30. I didn’t come anywhere close to that, finishing in with a time of 2:43. This course pointed out my weaknesses (the swim and a hilly bike course).

Omaha Tri Results

Hy-Vee Triathlon

This race really validated my season. Only a month had passed since the Omaha triathlon, but I was able to significantly improve my swim, bike, an run. I had consistently trained in the weeks leading up to this race and it showed in the results. Beating my goal time of 2:30 was a great feeling

Hyvee Triathlon Results

Looking back at my results allows me to analyze my strengths and weaknesses as I prepare for the 2013 season. My swim is obviously my weakness and my run is clearly my strength. I plan on devoting the necessary time to become a great swimmer and an even better biker and runner. The most encouraging thing about these results is that I was able to reach the goals that I had set out at the beginning of the season. I had no idea if those times were even feasible but was able to develop a plan to reach them.

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