Goal #28: Track Goals Daily

Goal #28 on my 29 Before 29 list was to track my goals daily for 200 days. This is a goal that assists in accomplishing the other goals. My method of tracking involves filling out a spreadsheet every night before I go to bed. Each of my goals has it’s own sheet: Running, Cycling, Fruits, Vegetables, Water, Stretching, Net Worth, Meditating, Books, Lethal Engineering, MIT Opencourseware, Blog Posts… I even have a column for whether or not I tracked my goals for that day.

Each goal is then broken down with some sort of relevant tracking metric. On my ‘running’ sheet, for instance , I count my daily miles, total for the year, how much I’m behind/ahead, and how many miles I need to run each day and week to reach the goal.


After filling out this spreadsheet over 275 times, I can confidently say that I’ve developed a habit of tracking my goals. I’ve had similar spreadsheets the last three years, but this is the first time I’ve used it consistently. That’s a result of filling out the spreadsheet the same time everyday, right before I got to bed, creating a ‘trigger’ for this habit. The spreadsheet is saved to Google Drive and syncs across my desktop, laptop, and phone, allowing access from anywhere.

A spreadsheet is a great way to stay organized. Using MS Excel, I can customize each sheet for its specific goal. By filling it out everyday, I’m not only tracking my goals, but reminded of them (with 29 goals, it’s easy to forget some of them). This is a habit I’ll continue next year.



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