Goal #26 – Read 20 Books

I’ve been making goal lists for the last five years and on every one of them I’ve had a reading goal. Goal #26 this year was to read 20 books, which I accomplished in April. Of those 20 books, I’d recommend these seven:

  1. Superhuman by Habit
  2. How to Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win Big
  3. Dune
  4. Why Buddhism Is True
  5. A Mind For Numbers
  6. The Wright Brothers
  7. The Five Love Languages

Compared to previous years, I disliked a large number of the books I read. I believe this is a result of reading similar types of books so the information is getting repetitive. Also, after reading over 100 books the last 5 years, my standards for quality have increased.

Another issue I’ve found is that I do a poor job of remembering what I’ve read. I doubt I could give you more than a one paragraph summary of any of those seven books I’ve listed. It’d be great if I could review the things I deemed important or interesting without re-reading the entire book.

Next year, I’ll start taking notes on what I’ve read. Maybe something like what Derek Sivers does, or maybe doing video book reviews on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Goal #26 – Read 20 Books

  1. Or, maybe use a book reviewing website that you can track your thoughts on a book and whether you liked it. Really, it would help you know if it’s a good read. It could be called “goodreads.com”.

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