Other Blogs You Should Follow

I don’t know who reads this blog, so it’s strange to give recommendations. My assumption, though, is that if you read my blog than you might like other blogs that I like. That’s the transitive property, right?

Here are six recommendations:

Mr Money Mustache
A self improvement blog veiled in frugality and early retirement. Mr. Money Mustache retired at age 30 after a short software engineering career and writes about how you and I can do the same.  Here are some posts to get you started: The 4% Rule, The Simple Math Behind Early Retirement, What is Stoicism, and Happiness Is The Only Logical Pursuit.

Derek Sivers
I first heard of Derek on the Tim Ferriss podcast (here and here). His enthusiasm is infectious. Derek worked as a musician, circus ringmaster, and eventually started and sold a company called CD Baby. His posts are brief and to the point. Here are a couple of gems: Hell Yeah or No, Ideas Are Just A Multiplier, Be An Extreme Character, Be Resourceful, and Actions Reveal Our Values

I don’t know how to describe Tynan. Maybe if the Most Interesting Man in the World was real and wrote a blog. A couple of Tynan’s adventures include buying an island, buying a penguin, becoming a famous pickup artist, writing several books, living in an RV, and that’s just scratching the surface.

John Kelly
A PhD Data scientist, Kona Ironman Qualifier, and one of fifteen Barkley Marathon finishers. John takes a very analytical approach to setting and achieving goals. Some great posts to start with are Goldilocks Difficulty, Failing With A Purpose, and Component Goals.

Tim Ferriss (his old posts)
It seems like Tim is focusing on his podcast and books now, but his old posts are gold. Tim posts are long form, in depth write-ups. I managed to lose 15 pounds in 5 days using this post (not recommended). Some of his popular topics include minimalist travel, language learning, muscle gain, and marketing

My friend Zach! He is currently pursuing a postdoc in math and made his own 30 Before 30 List. His articles in our high school newspaper were always entertaining to read, and that style continues with his blog. Leave him a comment encouraging him to post more frequently!

Phew! I think that’s the most hyperlinks I’ve ever included in a post. I hope you enjoy these recommendations!

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