July Goal Progress Report

In order to achive my goal of 50 blog posts and to hold myself accountable, I’ve decided to write a progress report every month.

First Goal Finished

One and a half hours of pain later, I now have a tatoo

I Bought A Van!

For the small price of $1,600 I purchased a 1968 Chevy G10. Get this, every shady van bought on craigslist comes with a free bowie knife in the passenger seat! The plan is to replace the engine/transmission and then do the necessary bodywork to make it look like the mystery machine. My mom doesn’t mind my tattoo, but she hates this van. She says it looks more fit for felonies involving candy and children than restoration.


Seven Books Finished

A road trip to Memphis, TN (Cousin’s Wedding) and a road trip to Dayton, OH (Grampa’s Birthday) provided ample time for reading. Here are my very short book reviews.

Book Finished Thoughts Recommend?
Influence 6/28/2014 Great! Science backing up how people are influenced Yes
The Productive Person: A How to Guide 7/2/2014 Short! Different daily schedules No
The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and The Middle Class 7/5/2014 Quick! But great, should reread Yes
The Right Stuff 7/14/2014 Awesome! Chuck Yeager is a bad ass Yes
The Millionaire Next Door 7/26/2014 Millionaires are frugal. Book is long-winded No
The Flinch 7/27/2014 Go for it. Take cold showers Yes
Meat is For Pussies 7/30/2014 Eat vegetables. Fuck Meat. Love Animals No

The Revenge of Beethoven

Last year, I was able to learn Fur Elise with haphazard practice. The third movement of the Moonlight Sonata is a different animal. The tempo moves at an absurd pace. I need to be able to play 640 notes per minute which seems superhuman at the moment. I also made a $1,000 down payment on a baby grand piano.

13,000 Views for Lethal Engineering

My rocket launcher video got featured on the website Hackaday which garnered more views in two days than I was able to accomplish all of last year. It also sparked a lot of controversy in the comments as Hackaday posted it right after the Malaysian airliner was shot down by a rocket launcher.


Goal Failures

Times I went to church = 0
Volunteer Hours = 0
Yards swam = 0
Miles Ran = 31.53
Miles Biked = 62.68

Overall a succesful first month. More to come.

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