Goal #1: I Got A Tattoo

The most difficult decision I make everyday is what to have for lunch. Working downtown, there are so many options. Dinker’s? Taphouse? Zio’s? Pepperjax? I can hardly decide what I want for lunch let alone the rest of my life. That’s why I thought I would never get a tattoo. Tattoos have a negative connotation. They are reserved for rebels and tough guys. I am neither.

So Why Did You Get A Tattoo Then?

I had to. It’s the first item on my 26 before 26 list. It’s a goal that didn’t require much effort, just courage. What would my parents think? What if I can’t handle the pain? What if I don’t like it in 5 years? Instead of worrying about all the ‘what ifs’ I decided to assume the best and go with it. Decisive action will be the difference between talking about 26 goals and accomplishing 26 goals.

tattoo 1

So Does It Have Any Meaning
Yes, sort of. It’s the logo I’ve been using for Lethal Engineering videos and for this blog, LethalTri. I wanted something to remind me every day of the goals I want to achieve and the life I want to live. To create more than I consume. To be a participant instead of a spectator.

Where Did You Go?

Based on two positive reviews from friends and 45 positive reviews from Yelp, I went to Liquid Courage off of 75th and Dodge. The tattoo artist that I commissioned was named John. I had a stereotype in my head about the personality of tattoo artist and I was completely wrong. John was super friendly which made the whole experience less intimidating. I could tell that  he loved what he did and was grateful to have the opportunity to work at that shop and to learn from artists who are just as passionate as he is. John had previously worked at a meat packing plant, then a pawn shop, and finally took up tattooing with a little pressure and a lot of support from his wife. Individuals who pursue there passions, especially when there is a lot of risk involved, inspire me to do the same

liquid courage

Did It Hurt?
Getting a tattoo reminded me of going to the dentist, if the dentist’s job was to inflict as much pain as possible. Unfortunately the tattoo artist doesn’t let you pick out a toy at the end of your appointment. The worst of the pain occurred when he drew the outline, specifically around the sensitive areas of the clavicle and nipple. The blood seeping out from the pores of the tattooed areas provide little comfort.


What Tattoo Are You Getting Next?
I’ve heard you can get addicted to getting inked. Not this guy. One and done. I’m glad I did it, but I’m not a tattoo kind of man. Crossing one item off my list in the first month is a good start. One down, twenty-five to go!

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