August Goal Progress Report

Very late on last month’s goal report, but better than never…

Age Group Nationals

On August 9th, I participated in the USAT Olympic Distance Age Group Nationals. I wish I could say that I ‘competed’ in these national championships, but working out a total of 13 hours in the previous two months is not how champions are made. I swam surprisingly decent, couldn’t hold power on the bike, and ran my slowest 10k ever.

Age Group Nationals Results

August Totals
Run: 43.79 Miles (75.32 Total / 297 Behind)
Bike: 270.22 Miles (332.90 Total / 1530 Behind)
Swim: 1640 Yards (1,640 Total / WAAAAY Behind)


I volunteered 18.25 hours in August. We’ve been hanging out twice a week. On Sundays, we doing something fun like going to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie or riding go karts at Papio Fun Park. On Thursday’s we’ve been going to the library to work on math flash cards. He hates math flash cards. If anybody has tips on how to motivate a 6th grader I’d love to hear them.


John’s Book Club
I finished three books this month.

Book Finished Thoughts Recommend?
The Four Hour Workweek 8/11/2014 Be effective not efficient. 20% of Work yields 80% of results Yes
The Obstacle Is the Way 8/26/2014 Insightful! Practical philosophy Yes
Man’s Search For Meaning 8/29/2014 Define your own meaning for life. Remain mentally strong even in horrible circumstances Yes

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