September Goal Progress Report

A little goals progress report for last month. I’m chipping away at some of the goals and getting way behind on most.

Candlewood and the Quakers
I went to church twice this month. First, my friend Nathan invited me to Candlewood Church which takes place a Westside High School. They really have the fellowship part down at the ‘Wood. It was mostly younger crowd with a band that played Christian rock and a very passionate sermon. I had a good conversation with Nate about his beliefs which I really enjoyed.

The following Sunday, my friend Matt invited me to attend a Meeting of Friends, which is a Quaker service. A MoF is very different from any other church service I’ve been too. The first notable difference is the size of the congregation. I could count the number of attendees on two hands. The next difference was the furniture — wooden pews don’t cut it with the Quakers. Instead, all seven of us sat in a circle in some very comfortable lazy boy chairs.

20140928_095624Some pleasantries were exchanged at the beginning of the MoF when, without warning, everyone stopped talking. For an hour we sat in complete silence, a Quaker practice called waiting worship. I may have dozed off for a minute. At the end of the quiet game we had an hour long conversation about how would the world be different if God controlled everything. The discussion gradually gravitated towards helping other with each person chiming in with their own experiences. I’m looking to go to church to help build character and both churches seemed to have that down.

Exercise results

This month I achieved my largest volume week ever, due mostly to biking to work everyday (15 miles each way)

Large Volume WeekSeptember Totals
Run: 70.54 Miles (145.86 Total / 380 Behind)
Bike: 486.93 (819.83 Total / 1,808 Behind)
Swim: 5,748 Yards (7,388 Total / 255,000 Behind)

Relapsed to Being a Carnivore

September was supposed to be my month of being a vegetarian. Everything was going smoothly until I accidentally relapsed on the 16th, starting the one month period over. If I can continue to avoid Pepperjax Steak Phillies (mmmmm) then I should be able to cross another goal off my list.


I read I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. It was a very entertaining personal finance book targeted at a younger crowd. After finishing this book I immediately paid off all my credit card debt.


Quit My Job
Goal #17 on the list was to get promoted. That will be difficult as I resigned my position on September 30th. There will be a bigger post on this, but the gist of it is that I’m starting my own business.

GSS Logo

Thanks Steph for the logo help! You can tell how sad my coworkers were to see me leave based on the the cookie that they got me on my last day…


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