October Goal Progress Report

Completed Another Goal…Kind Of

I successfully ate no meat for 30 days allowing me to cross #4 “Eat Vegetarian for a Month” off the list. Did you know cheese pizza is vegetarian? I ate a lot of cheese pizza…

Road Trip

Every fall, some college buddies of mine and I try to go to one Husker football road game. We’ve been to Jerry’s World (That Screen!), Oklahoma State (Awesome!), Minnesota (Eh…), and UCLA (Rose Bowl). This year, Mike, Brad, Tyler, and I went to Northwestern. Nebraska played well bringing our win loss record on these trips to 3-2.

Northwestern Game

The Tale of Two Races

I participated in two races this month — Race for the Cure and the Market to Market Relay. I complete the RFTC in 20:34 (6:22 min/mile pace) which was a good 1:30 off my 5k PR. The following weekend, I ran 3 legs and 13.1 miles in the Market to Market Relay. I had made the assumption before hand that this would all be very easy, enjoyable running. It wasn’t. The ‘Get a Clue’ team took the pace out fast and sped up as the day went on in order to finish before the sun set. M2M was a very well organized event that I would recommend to all runners.

Market 2 Market

Largest Training Volume Ever!

I significantly ramped up my training volume this month, managing 85 hours of swimming, cycling, and running. It felt good to train so much and by good I mean completely exhausting.

October Totals
Run: 128.71 Miles (274.57 Total / 425.89 Behind)
Bike: 756.35 Miles (1576.18 Total / 1,985 Behind)
Swim: 65,825 Yards (76,238 Total / 279,926 Behind)

Despite my increase in free time, I haven’t increased my volunteering time. JJ and I hung out twice for a total of 4.25 hours. This month I taught him the most efficient way to eat at a buffet and how to scream like a girl at a haunted house.

Haunted Hollows

I Read Three Books

Do you remember the BOOK IT program from elementary school? If you read five books you got a free personal pan pizza. They should bring that program back for adults. Anyways…here are my very short reviews of the three books I read.

Superhuman By Habit is a solid book about developing habits so that you don’t need to rely on your finite reserve of willpower. It’s written by a guy named Tynan who writes a fantastic blog. The book is a quick read that I’d definitely recommend.

Vagabonding is a guide for world travel. My main takeaway was to travel with less and to enjoy the journey, not the destination. Despite the overwhelming positive reviews on Amazon, I didn’t like this book.

Kon-Tiki is the crazy, true story of six men who travel from Peru to Polynesia on a wooden raft in 1947. A researcher wants to prove that the inhabitants of Polynesia originated in Peru, so he finds five other guys who are up for adventure, builds a raft out of balsa trees, and goes sailing. This book is awesome, check it out.

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