January Goal Progress Report

Already March? How about a January update

We Made Some Custom Shoes

My Little Brother is a big shoe fan. I wanted to get him something for his birthday that we could do as an activity instead of just something material. I found a YouTube video on how to make custom shoes and then bought some leather paint and paint brushes online. Some Air Force Ones on Craigslist would serve as our canvas. JJ really enjoyed painting the shoes and they turned out great! This will be an activity that we will have to repeat. JJ and I hung out 9 hours in January bringing my total volunteer time to 47.80 hours.

JJ Shoes

Jonathan Biss Concert

I attended a concert with my piano teacher Luke at the Lied Center. The performer was Jonathan Biss and he played some Beethoven, Schumann, and Schoenberg. It’s amazing to watch an expert pianist. I was blown away how fast he can move his fingers and how accurately he can hit the keys with the perfect amount of force and timing:

Progress on the Third Movement of the Moonlight Sonata is slow, but progress nonetheless. Learning to play it quickly is proving to be a challenge.

Off The Saddle

I didn’t ride my bike once in January. Not good! I’m running the L.A. Marathon 3/15 and need to get more consistent about running

January Exercise Totals
Run: 63.19 Miles (455.18 Total / 750.30 Behind)
Bike: 0.0 Miles (1896.88 Total / 4,000 Behind)
Swim: 17,150 Yards (152,172 Total / 450,567 Behind)

The Ball is Rolling

I finally got my first project for the business. I’m woefully behind on the goal to save $50,000 and have been moving in the wrong direction since I quit I my job. However, this work has the potential to be continuous, and if I work hard I could potentially meet the lofty savings goal.

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