December Goal Progress Report

Only a month late…

Catholics and Methodists
I attended church twice in December. I first went to a Catholic Church service with Alexis.  I’m not a big fan of Catholic services, there is a lot of ritual and worship that doesn’t mean a lot to me. Alexis tells me that if I understood it I would appreciate it more. The service makes as much sense to me as those Oregon play calling signs.

Oregon Play Calling
A few days later, I attended The Water’s Edge with my friend and fellow bike enthusiast The Real Wes J. The Water’s Edge is a United Methodist church with services at Millard West High School. I enjoyed it. The sermon was about the difference between joy and happiness. My total church attendance is up to four services.


Alexis was back in town for the holiday. It was great to spend time with her and her family. My sister got me a lock-picking set and cut away lock for Christmas, so now it’s time to get practicing!

Lockpicking Set

I Didn’t Exercise
December ’twas a piss poor month when it comes to the ‘ole swimming, biking, and running. However, Alexis had decided to do an Ironman! She’s thinking IM Texas in 2016, which seems like a good race for me as well.

December Exercise Totals
Run: 27.17 Miles (391.99 Total / ? Behind)
Bike: 44.47 Miles (1896.88 Total / ? Behind)
Swim: 15,200 Yards (135,022 Total / ? Behind)

Working at the Car Wash

The business is slow getting off the ground, requiring a lot of patience. In order to have some income, I picked up a part time job at Cornhusker Auto Wash. I worked there for three years back in college and they were seeking employees for the winter rush. It’s exhausting work, but I’m grateful for the opportunity.



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