The Warehouse

I Wanted To Buy A Firehouse

A couple of years ago, when I worked in downtown Omaha, I would ride my bike over lunch with a group of other cyclists. Riding a bike, you notice things that are otherwise passed over when driving a car. On one ride through North Omaha, we passed this decrepit firehouse.



I Instantly Fell In Love

What a building! The unique architecture and history would be worth the labor required to make the structure habitable. There was a banner hanging from the fence listing the firehouse for sale. I thought the city’s assessed value of $60,000 meant it would be within my budget. I called the number listed on the sign and found they wanted far more than I could afford. The firehouse eventually went to auction and sold for a price of $346,500. I’m glad to see the new owner plans to renovate the firehouse to it’s original glory.

Why I Want To Own A Warehouse

When I imagine my dream house, I think of a space that can serve not only as a home but also a massive workshop. The home will have exposed brick and an open floor plan, perfect for hosting friends and family. The workshop will be where I make mechanical and electronic contraptions, creating things that are challenging and interesting. There will be a business attached to these custom creations that hopefully supplants the salary of my current business while still providing the freedom and flexibility that I have now.

The workshop will have tall ceilings and large glass garage doors. There will be a  40 foot T-Rex skeleton which I’ll park sports cars below. The T-rex won’t be won’t be an actually T-rex skeleton, but rather a replica I make from Styrofoam and fiberglass. The sports cars won’t be purchased from a dealer, but rather kit cars that I’ve sourced and assembled. The result will be a cross of Tony Stark’s workshop and The Museum of Natural History



There’s more. Ever since seeing a Chihuly exhibit as a child, I’ve been enamored with blown glass. I’d love to own one of Chihuly’s glass chandeliers. Those are expensive, so I’ll need to take up glass blowing and make a knockoff.


I Realize This Is All Very Ambitious

However, it’s my dream and thoughts of creating this warehouse fill me with excitement. My wife isn’t on board yet, but I think by the time we have enough money saved I’ll be able to persuade her. Hopefully our next house will be the warehouse.


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