2018 Sioux Falls Half Marathon Race Report

This will be a quick one…I registered for the Sioux Falls Half Marathon with my friends  Barb and Matt.

I had amassed a total of 18 mile of running between completion of Washington Island Ultra on July 28th and the start of this half marathon on September 9th. No bueno.

It was a great race. Starts and ends in the Denny Samford PREMIER center. Parking was simple, the bag check was quick, and starting a race in a heated arena is great.

I ran very close to an evenly split race, even without a watch. 1200 people ran the half, course was not too crowded.


My finish time was 1:50:15, that’s an 8:25 min/mile pace. Races are a great benchmark of current fitness and my current fitness is bad. It will be a long road if I want to accomplish Goal #8 of qualifying for the Boston Marathon


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