I Got Glasses

I’ve got a queue of 32 blog posts that I’ve started but haven’t finished/published. This was one of them. This little preamble is to tell you that I don’t think this post will be very good, but I’m trying to get 25 posts out to accomplish Goal #14 on my 30 Before 30 List.

I’ve needed glasses my entire life. As a teenager, I’d wear them for two months, only to lose them and go a couple of years without them. My vision is bad, but manageable.

Last year, I finally grew tired of squinting at my computer monitors and set up an appointment with an optometrist. What an improvement! I feel like I have a super power. It’s such a minor change but has had a noticeable impact in my work. I can see my monitors! No longer do I need to lean in to read spreadsheets or small text. Two hours of effort for the appointment and I fixed a problem that had plagued me for years.

What other simple changes could I make that would have a noticeable impact on my quality of life?


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