Goal #20: Develop A Plan For Each Goal

Goal #20 on my 31 Before 31 list was to develop a plan for each goal. You may say that’s an obvious step to goal achievement, but it’s a step that was missing in the previous six iterations of my lists. I copied this from a Word document, and don’t want to mess with the HTML to get the numbers to match up correctly for each goal, so every goal from ‘Fitness’ on is misnumbered. This probably only bothers me.


  1. Less Than 500 ‘Strikes’ (Junk Food = 1, Healthy Fast Food = 1/2)
    -9 per week
    -Start at 10 per week, subtract 1 serving every 3 weeks down to 5 per week
    -Strikes don’t count during exercise > 1 hour
    -Will need to plan ahead when traveling to avoid excessive strikes.
  2. 1500 Servings Vegetables
    -Appx 28 servings/week = apx. 4/day
    -Large Bowl of Salad = 4, Lunch
    -Roasted Cauliflower, broccoli, or kale = 5, Dinner
    -Morning Vegetables?
  3. 1000 Servings Fruit
    -One fruit smoothie = 5 (3 blueberries, 1 strawberry, 1 pineapple), lunch or dinner, or both!
    -Use fruit to quell sugar cravings
  4. 200 Days Meditation (10 Minutes Minimum)
    -Daily after lunch


  1. Two Ultra-Endurance Events
    -Washington Island Ultra 7/26/19
    -Barkley Fall Classic 9/21/19
  2. Qualify For Ironman World Championships (70.3 or 140.6)
    -Potential Target Races (IM Texas 4/25/20, IM Tulsa 5/31/20, 70.3  Texas 4/5/20, 70.3 Des Moines 6/21/20)
    -Goal performance benchmarks: Swim: 500 Yards @ 6:00, Bike: 20 Min @ 400 W, Run: 5k @ 17:00
    -Swim: Build up to 4x / week. Video tape some sessions to analyze form
    -Bike: 200 miles / week. 2×20 @ FTP once per week. FTP test once per month
    -Run: 40 miles / week. Track workouts combined with running group. Monthly 5K test (https://www.parkrun.us/jamaicapond/)
    -Diet: See goals 1-3
    -Sleep: 9+ hour per night, sleepmask, ear plugs, limit caffeine before bed.
    -Weightlifting: 2x per week. Focus on legs, core.
  3. Wabash Trace Fastest Know Time
    -Post marathon (9/8/19) and post Barkley (9/21/19) should be in great running shape.
    -October 27tH? Will be in Omaha for wedding. Maybe earlier in October?
    -Need to find support crew
  4. Qualify For Boston Marathon
    -Cascade Express Marathon 9/8/19, low chance of qualifying
    -Find another (fast/flat/cool) marathon for January
    -Build up to 60 mile run weeks, 3 weeks build, 1 easy, repeat.
  5. 1,000 Hours of Exercise
    -20 Hours Per Week (will need to build up to)
    -Weekly Goal: Swim 10k yards, Bike 200 miles, Run 40 miles
    -Weighted 1 mile rucks every morning with dog.
  6. Sub 6 Minute Beer Mile
    -Need to be able to run a 5 minute mile, which should be achievable with IM training.
    -Practice chugging, water and non-alcoholic beer. Goal < 10 seconds per beer

Lethal Engineering / Lethal Tri

  1. Join Artisan’s Asylum and Go 10 Times
    -Already joined different, closer Makerspace (Boston Makers)
    -This goal shouldn’t be too difficult, based on proximity
  2. 10 Lethal Engineering Videos
    -One per month, 5 hours / week
    -Ship 3D printer to Boston
    -5 Videos R2/D2, 3D Printed Nerf Gun, Drawing Robot, Boring Company Flamethrower, Cardboard Stormtrooper Bust, 3D Printed Rocket
  3. 10 Lethal Tri Videos (about my goals)
    -One per month, 2 hours / week
    -Film goal progress, write blog post, blog post can be script for video
  4. 25 Blog Posts
    -One post every two weeks, alternate with Lethal Engineering / Lethal Tri video


  1. $1M Revenue
    -Not really, but I’m embarrassed to share what I consider million business dollar ideas.
  2. Setup SIMPLE IRA For Business
    -Pursue after obtaining direct contract
  3. 10 Hours Productive Time for 200 Days
    -10 hours is easy to get assuming no News/YouTube/Social Media, and limited social engagements
  4. 100 Days No News/Social Media/YouTube/Netflix
    -Delete apps and block social media / news sites
    -Fill ‘anxious’ / bored time with reading or podcasts
    -YouTube allowed for learning, social media for sharing (like, blog posts)
  5. 48 Weeks Commitment Contract
    -Submit contract to LIFE COACH on Mondays before midnight
  6. Develop A Plan For Each Goal
    -That’s what this is 🙂


  1. Complete Raspberry Pi (using Python) Book
    -1 Hour, 4 days / week starting now.
    -I’ll start with Python Crash Course, then do Raspberry Pi with Python book
  2. Mountain Bike 100 Miles
    -Take up in April
    -Read book or attend workshop. Might have to do in WI since that’s where the bike is
  3. Complete SCUBA Diving Course
    -Take up in May


  1. See Falcon Heavy Launch
  2. Go To Two of Four Boston Sports (Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Celtics)
    -Red Sox, when it gets cooler, Sept 17-19?
    -See Celtics in November
  3. See an F1 Race
    -11/1/19-11/3/19 in Austin, TX
    -Buy tickets in September
  4. Bike To Walden Pond


  1. Donate 10% of Income (post tax)
    -Track income weekly
    -Increased income would certainly help! See goal #15
  2.  Zucc 1 Mile For 200 Days
    -1 Mile in morning upon waking
    -Use weighted rucksack to count towards exercise totals
  3. Hold Breath For 2 Minutes
    -Follow the following protocol in February
  4. 10 Escape Rooms
    -Whenever visiting friends / family
    -Make friends in Boston and go with them.

7 thoughts on “Goal #20: Develop A Plan For Each Goal

  1. If you come to Orlando for that marathon, we can do an escape room.

    Don’t let me down on the SCUBA diving goal 🙂

  2. Great idea for a post.

    1. What do you mean by “Strikes don’t count during exercise > 1 hour”? Do you have gels, etc., in mind or, like, (lol) mid-ride Taco Bell?
    For travel, highly recommend Leafside (goleafside.com), as I’ve surely mentioned before.

    Good fruits & vegetables ideas!

    6. Do you think you have a better shot at the 70.3 or 140.6 qualifying standard? Training might look a bit different depending on your answer, no?

    30. Thanks for the link! I will probably start earlier. My breath-holding ability is dreadful.

    1. 1. CARTE BLANCHE… If the furnace is hot enough, anything will burn. Thanks for the tip about Leafside! Based on this weekend, I definitely need a better travel food plan!
      6. Not sure. The 70.3 Worlds is less popular, so people are less likely to take the slot, and it rolls down to the next competitor. You are correct that the training would be different, with a focus on higher intensity at the 70.3 distance. I’ll plan on doing the volume required for the 140.6, with a lower mix of higher intensity work necessary for the 70.3.

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