31 Before 31 – Results

This was my 7th year making one of these goal lists. Who’d have thought in 2013 that I’d still be doing this? On to the results!


#2 1,500 Servings of Vegetables
1,501/1,500. I’ve consumed approximately 70 servings of vegetables per week for the last 10 weeks to meet this goal. Procrastination is a bitch, amirite? This has to be the most vegetables I’ve consumed of any year of my life. Last weekend, I ate two pounds of kale in a day.

#3 1000 Servings of Fruit
1,003/1,000. I’ve heard alcoholics use coffee to fill the void filled by not drinking, and that’s how I’ve used fruit when trying to quit junk food. I’ve tried to replace the crack cocaine that is refined sugar with a nutrient dense and fiber rich fruit smoothie.

#5 Two Ultra Endurance Events
I completed the Barkley Fall Classic and David Goggins Challenge, but I also DNF’ed three times at the Washington Island Ultra, Frozen Otter 64, and 100 mile run. I’m really proud of the effort that went into this goal, attempting these events even when ill-prepared.

top of rat jaw

#16 Setup SIMPLE IRA
It’s like a 401k for small businesses. Who else gets excited about Vanguard Retirement Plans?!

#18 100 Days No News/Social Media/YouTube/Netflix
190/100. This is a cornerstone habit that makes all the other goals possible. The decrease in distractions seems to result in a much greater increase in productivity. There’s this discomfort that sets in when doing difficult tasks, and rather than scrolling Instagram when that feeling arises, I just sit there and wait it out. It always passes.

#20 Develop A Plan For Each Goal
The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. I didn’t follow the plan at all, but I did create one!

#24 See Falcon Heavy Launch
Accomplished minutes after turning 30. This was an incredible experience. I’d highly recommend it for your bucket list


#28 Donate 10% of Income (post tax)
Rather than donating a small amount of money each month, I figuratively ripped the band-aid off with one large donation last week.

#29 Walk Zucc 1 Mile For 200 Days
Zucc has returned to Milwaukee since I wrote the results post for this goal. He’s been accompanying me on my runs and has developed an insatiable endurance capacity. I can no longer put on socks or shoes in front of him without him whining incessantly. He’s a perfect running companion, even attempting to bring home some venison when we spot deer in the woods.

#31 10 Escape Rooms
10 for 10. This is my favorite activity to do with friends. We had an 80% success rate.

Partial Completion

#4 200 Days of Meditation
120/200 Days. No closer to achieving nirvana.

#8 Qualify For Boston Marathon
I set a personal best at the Cascade Express Marathon with a time of 3:36, but still a long way from the Boston Qualifying time of 3:00. I ran over 400 miles more this year than any of the previous five years.

#9 1,000 Hours of Exercise
361/1,000. This seems like a good place to put exercise distance that I track every year:

Bike: 1,058 Miles (30Before30: 948, 29B29: 5,000, 28B28: 1,941 27B27: 1,935 Miles, 26B26: 2,042 Miles)
Run: 1,200 Miles (30B30: 595, 29B29: 437 Miles 28B28: 732 Miles, 27B27: 589 Miles, 26B26: 654 Miles)
Swim: 55,612 Yards (30B30: 210,930, 29B29: 209,663, 28B28: 162,913, 27B27: 69,311, 26B26: 154,868)

#11: Join Artisan’s Asylum and Go 10 Times
I joined Boston Makers which was very close to our Boston apartment, but only went twice.

#13 10 Lethal Tri Videos
3 for 10. I really enjoyed making all these videos

#14 25 Blog Posts
14 for 25. My favorite posts were The Pamela Anderson Slideshow and A Murder in Psychology Class


#15 One Million Dollars Revenue
$640k/$1M. Despite not completing the goal, this result is the one I’m most proud of. Six years ago, I quit my job to start this business and slowly but surely it’s continued to grow. We’ve got fantastic employees and work with great people.

GSS Logo

#17 10 Hours Productive Time for 200 Days
94/200. I tracked my time everyday this year. There was about a three-fold gain in my ratio of productive time to wasted time.

#19 48 Weeks Commitment Contract
47 out of 48. At the beginning of every week, I sent my life coach (AKA my mother-in-law) a list of goals with monetary penalties for non-completion. I just added it up, and over the course of the year I sent her $1,572. Ouch. However, the threat of having to pay her each week was a big reason for the consistency over the year.

#25 Go To Two of Four Boston Sports (Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Celtics)
I went to a Boston Celtics game where a beer was thrown on the court after Kemba Walker got ejected. This was about as stereotypical of a Boston experience as I could have hoped for. See @ 2:40 in the video below

Zero Completion

#6 Qualify for Ironman World Championships
COVID-19 had other ideas (and I was never in good enough shape)

#7 Wabash Trace Fastest Know Time
Pro ultra-runner Kaci Lickteig lowered this FKT to a break neck time of 8 hours 44 minutes, which comes out to a pace of 8:27 min/mile for 62 miles. I was initially bummed out, but then got excited about that I would have to get into elite shape if I want to capture the FKT.

#10 Sub 6 Minute Beer Mile
Didn’t even attempt

#12 10 Lethal Engineering Videos
Not a single one, but my channel continues to grow!

#22 Mountain Bike 100 Miles

#21 Complete Raspberry Pi (using Python) Book

#23 Complete SCUBA Diving Course
Zero Progress

#26 See an F1 Race
I watched one on TV? Another goal derailed by COVID

#27 Bike To Walden Pond
Nope. We spent a surprisingly little amount of time in Boston in the last year.

#30 Hold Breath For Two Minutes
What should have been the easiest goal on the list was never attempted.

What About Alexis?

She traveled all over the world, visiting Haiti, Brazil, South Africa, and Peru while attending conferences and working on research. She also completed the first year of her Master’s in Public Health through Harvard University. On top of that, she took call a couple days each month at the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

Wrap It Up!

I’m very pleased with this year’s results. 10 fully completed goals and 5.5 partial, for a total of 15.5. I mentioned in last year’s results post that I didn’t feel like I had a lot of growth, but that changed this year.

The major improvement was increased consistency. Small actions day in and day out lead to the completion of much larger goals. That’s my main takeaway for this year.

32 Before 32 List coming next week. Leave some comments if you have any ideas!

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