2012 Triathlon Goals

I’m a goal oriented person. I needed a way to objectively say whether or not this triathlon season was a success. I’ve been using Training Peaks to log my workouts and used the Annual Training Plan (ATP) to set a course for this year. When you make an ATP, you first layout your season goals and training objectives. Here are mine.

Season Goals

1. Run a 3:17 marathon

This was my goal time for the Eisenhower Marathon and amounts to a 7:30 min/mile pace. I was on track to hit this until my knee started giving me issues. I ended up running a 3:43 marathon and currently don’t plan on running another marathon this year

2. Complete sprint triathlon in less than 1:20

My first triathlon is coming up on July 15th and will be the Papillion Mayor’s Sprint Triathlon in my hometown of Papillion, NE. This tri has a 500m swim, 13.5 mile bike, and 3 mile run. If I complete the swim in 10 minutes, bike in 40 minutes, run in 22 minutes, plus 2 minutes for transitions, then I should be able to meet this goal.

3. Complete Olympic distance triathlon in less than 2:30

I am competing in two Olympic distance triathlons this year, one in August and one in September. If I can complete the swim in 32 minutes, bike in 73 minutes, run in 43 minutes, plus 2 minutes for transitions, then I would just barely meet my goal. Currently, those are my fastest times completing each of those events individually. It’s going to take some tough training in order to be able to obtain those times consecutively.  

Training Objectives

1. Run 10k in less than 40 minutes

This comes out to be a 6:26 min/mile pace, which would be pretty quick for me, but not out of reach.

2. Swim 1500m in less than 32 minutes

When I first started training, I imagined this would be my toughest goal. I couldn’t even swim the full length of the pool without stopping. I didn’t think I had accomplished this goal yet, but looking back on my training, I swam 1500m in 31:48 back on June 6th! It was just during a 3000m training swim, so I had no idea I had done it.

3. Bike 25 miles in less than 70 minutes

This comes out to be a 21.4 mph pace. I currently ride somewhere around 20 mph, but it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly because I usually ride with the wind going out and against the wind coming back.

4. Lower body fat below 10%

I used to measure my body using one of the hand held body fat readers (electrical resistance). Those said my body fat was somewhere between 13% and 15%. I had a skin fold measurement taken recently and that said I was at 6.3% which I think is more accurate. (I’m really skinny, you can see my heart beat)  

Overall, I think my goals and objectives are realistic but will push me really hard. Currently, I’ve accomplished 2/4 of my training objectives and have six months to finish off the rest. I’m really excited for my first triathlon and can’t wait to compete!

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