25 Before I Turn 25 – Results

Eleven months ago, I made a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I turned 25. I set goals that would push my limits and put me in uncomfortable situations. Here are the results.

I Didn’t Complete A Majority Of The List

If you judge the results on a pass/fail scale, then I have completed a measly 12% — 3 for 25. Maybe I’m a little half-full, but I choose to take pride in the goals that I’ve completed a portion of. For instance, I completed Ironman Arizona in a time of 10:52, but almost an hour slower than my sub-10 hour goal


I came up short on my goal of volunteering 200 hours. Between the Open Door Mission and Big Brothers Big Sisters I managed 80 hours

JJ and I

I also learned to play 90% of Fur Elise on the piano, read 14 books (instead of 15), saved $13,000 (instead of $15,000), wrote four blog posts (instead of fifty), and garnered 5,300 YouTube views for Lethal Engineering (instead of 10,000).

Weak Sauce! So what goals did you complete?

I ran 100 miles for a belt buckle all while sporting a hideous mustache that took four weeks to grow. Completing an ultramarathon was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Growing facial hair was the most embarrassing. I wouldn’t have done either if not for the list

Mile 40

Being the smooth operator that I am, it will come as no surprise I managed to go on 12 dates, if you consider grabbing fries at Raising Cane’s to be a romantic evening.

Al and I

I heard you moved back in with your parents? Making this list has turned you into a real winner!

Yes, going after my goals has led to some unconventional things. In the past year I biked to work , ran to work, and rode the bus, all for the first time. My friends thought I was going crazy when I lived without a car for a one month stretch. I moved in with my parents not only to save money, but also to have access to my dad’s workshop were I can create Lethal Engineering projects. I even got roped in to doing a GORUCK challenge in order to help my friend accomplish his 30 before 30 list


What’s next?

Making this list has allowed me to focus on the things that are important. Goal setting works really well for me and is a habit I plan to continue. Stay tuned for the 26 before 26 list.

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