November Goal Progress Report

This is very late. I was originally planning on combining this with the December Goal Progress Report, but then I realized that a lot happened in November! Also, writing two posts instead of one will get me closer to my goal of 50 blog posts.

Goal #15: Read 20 Books

This was supposed to be one of those goals that took all year, but I accomplished it early. I read six books in November, all of which I would recommend: Swim Speed Secrets / The Little Book of Talent / Faster Higher Stronger / Against the Grain / The Happiness of Pursuit / Turning Pro.

November Books

Courtside for Creighton Basketball

Big Brothers / Big Sisters has some fantastic donors. Tickets always seem to get donated for Nebraska Football games or the hottest concert in town. I grabbed some tickets they were offering for a Creighton Basketball game, and man were they some tickets! We kept walking down the aisle until we eventually ended up sitting courtside. I kept thinking, “This is what it’s like to be Jack Nicholson!”

Creighton Tickets

JJ and I also went and saw Big Hero 6 which I really enjoyed, and I think he would have enjoyed too if he had managed to stay awake. His previous night sleepover led to some undesired snoring sound effects.

Philadelphia Marathon with Alexis

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that my lady-friend was running the Philadelphia Marathon in order to raise money for Partners in Health. I’m proud to report that she accomplished both of those difficult tasks. The marathon started off great but she had some back injuries flare up part way through (most likely do to the large temperature shift from Haiti to Boston) and managed to grit out the last 6 miles through the pain. Thanks to a lot support from family and friends, she was also able to raise $5,000 to purchase loupes for the Haitian surgical residents.

Alexis Marathon

It was cool to explore Philadelphia and meet some of the people that she works with in Haiti who also ran the marathon. I managed to see a Flyers game while I was there but did not try a Philly cheesesteak. That’s fine though, I mean, how could anything beat Pepperjax?

November Exercise Totals
Run: 90.25 Miles (364.82 Total / ? Behind)
Bike: 276.23 Miles (1852.41 Total / ? Behind)
Swim: 46,609 Yards (119,822 Total / ? Behind)

Finally Finished the Fur

Fur Elise that is. Learning to play this song was goal #9 on my 25 before 25 list. I had said in my 25 Before 25 Review that I was 90% through learning Fur Elise. That might have been a stretch as mastering the last 10% took about four months, but I finally finished. I’m going to write a longer post on learning to play the piano, but in the meantime here is a video of the results.


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