26 Before I Turn 26

As promised:

The List

1. Get a tattoo
2. Save $50,000
3. Help my little brother get a 3.0 GPA
4. Eat vegetarian for a month
5. Volunteer 200 hours
6. Complete Pimsleur lessons 1-30 in Haitian Creole
7. Travel to Haiti
8. Go skinny dipping
9. 100,000 YouTube views for Lethal Engineering
10. Bike 10,000 miles
11. Run 2,000 miles
12. Swim 1,000,000 yards
13. 50 blog posts
14. Go to church once a month
15. Read 20 books
16. Write a book
17. Get promoted
18. Help 3 other people reach one of their goals
19. Go skydiving
20. Take a glass blowing class
21. Learn the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata
22. Build or Restore a car
23. Become Scuba certified
24. Learn to pick locks
25. Set a World Record

Hey doofus! I thought this was a 26 list?

Yeah, I couldn’t think of a 26th, so I’m taking suggestions. I’d love to hear some ideas.

You made a ’25’ list last year and only accomplished 3, what’s going to be different this year?

The major change I plan on implementing is keeping better track of my progress. By making my list more specific and measurable I hope to make it easier to gauge progress and judge success.

I like this idea, I think I might do it too!

Making goals and then attempting to achieve them has been a life changing process for me. If you have any goals, I’d highly recommend writing them down and setting a deadline for completion. I’ve decided to post mine to keep me accountable. Check back in a year and we can see how ambitious this list really was.

4 thoughts on “26 Before I Turn 26

  1. You should reconsider #1, since it might disqualify you from living organ donation. You’d might as well scratch #14 too. But I’ll make it up by suggesting three more:

    26. Watch every episode of Seinfeld.
    27. Write a game for iOS/Android.
    28. Drink coffee every morning for a month.

    Also, I propose that you replace #4 by “Eat vegetarian M–F until 27th birthday.” (I.e., become a “weekday vegetarian.”)

    Maybe I’ll help you with #18.

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