How I Will Accomplish My Goals

This post is more for me, less for you. I wanted to layout a plan for how I would accomplish each of my goals — a list of steps that I can check check off a road map to follow

The Plan

1. Get a tattoo
-Lethal Engineering Symbol (Biohazard symbol with a gear)
2. Save $50,000
-Currently have $14,000
-Sell Mustang ($12,000)
-Invest $3,000 / month ($36,000)
-Capital Gains ($2,500)
3. Help my little brother get a 3.0 GPA
-Study at library for 2.0 hours every Thursday
-Hangout for 3.0 hours every Sunday
4. Eat vegetarian for a month
-Read ‘Eat and Run’
-In August, find several meals that I can make
-Eat vegetarian in September
5. Volunteer 200 hours
-120 Hours Big Brothers Big Sisters: 2 hours every Thursday, 3 hours every Sunday
-80 Hours Open Door Mission: 2 hours every Friday
6. Complete Pimsleur lessons 1-30 in Haitian Creole
-Listen to one tape per day for one Month (November)
7. Travel to Haiti
-Purchase Ticket (~$730) in December
-Travel for one week in january
8. Go skinny dipping
-Run to public pool at 2 am
-Hop Fence
-Swim some laps
-Book it!
9. 100,000 YouTube views for Lethal Engineering
– One Video every month
-Find outlets to publicize video (, facebook,,,
10. Bike 10,000 miles
-Bike to and from work & over lunch
-200 Miles a Week
11. Run 2,000 miles
-40 Miles a week
-Qualify for Boston Marathon (L.A. Marathon March 15th – Register October 1st)
12. Swim 1,000,000 yards
-20,000 yards / week
-Swim 5 to 6 times per week
13. 50 blog posts
-1 post a week
-Goals update at end of every month
-Post for every goal completed
14. Go to church once a month
-Go with friends, try out different churches
-Try out Buddhism:
15. Read 20 books
-Read two books at a time – one self improvement, one novel
16. Write a book
-1000 words a day
-Read ‘Elements of Style’
17. Get promoted
-Work everyday
-Study Wayside flashcards everynight
-Learn programming
-Develop Super Typicals
18. Help 3 other people reach one of their goals
19. Go skydiving
20. Take a glass blowing class
21. Learn the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata
-30 minutes a day T-F, 1 hour S, Su, M
22. Build or Restore a car
-Buy Chevy G-10
-Paint it like the Mystery Machine
-Replace engine with V8
23. Become Scuba certified
-Finish up Scuba certification w/ Dad
24. Learn to pick locks
25. Set a World Record
-Most Tennis Serves in One Hour:
-Submit application:
-Raise Money for Big Brothers / Big Sisters (donations / serve)
-Feb 27th @ Noon @ Hanscom (UNO vs. Creighton)
26. Learn to Throw Ninja Stars

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