32 Before 32 – Results

This was my 8th year making a goal list. A quarter of my life. Not a good year for goals, but there’s a good reason for that.

On to the results!


#27 Beer Mile
Drink a 12 oz bottle/can of beer, then run a lap around the track. Rinse and repeat a total of four times, drinking 48 oz of beer and running one mile. So much pain for such a short race. The build up of gas in my stomach was crippling. A combination of average speed and horrendous chugging ability yielded a time of 12 minutes 24 seconds. My buddy Zach (a much more prolific runner… and drinker) completed it in 7:07. I’ve never gotten drunk so quickly.

Sunburned after 12 minutes shirtless 😦

#29 Donate 10% of Income (Post Tax)
This is a weird goal, in that I cognitively know it’s important and worthwhile, but emotionally it feels quite empty. I do get joy crossing it off my list, so in that regard, this is a very effective goal. A majority of the money was given to GiveWell, which distributes to the most effective charities. We donated appreciated stocks, utilizing my account with Betterment, which yields the greatest tax savings.

Partial Completion

#1 Less Than 500 ‘Strikes’ (Strike is One Item of Junk Food)
776 out of 500. Eliminating junk food is a goal I have every year and that I continue to fail at.

#2 2000 Servings of Vegetables
1,325 out of 2000. Made up mostly of carrots, kale, spring mix, and asparagus. Fell vastly short on the goal, but this is 400 servings more than I ate two years ago, which was four times more than the year before that. That long term improvement is gratifying.

#3 1,000 Servings of Fruit
794 out of 1,000. 1,000 servings might be too high of a goal, due to the large sugar content on fruit.

#8 1,000 Hours of Exercise
350 out of 1,000. Had some consistent training weeks of running due to a bet with some friends, but everything else was haphazard

My exercise totals for this year and previous years:

 Bike (Miles)Run (Miles) Swim (Yards)

#11 Total of 12 Lethal Engineering and LethalTri Videos

6 out of 12 videos. I think my dream job would be as a professional YouTuber.

#13 $1,000,000 Business Revenue
$595k out of $1M. A decrease from last year, but our capabilities as a business certainly increased.

A crossing we designed in Le Mars, IA

#14 10 Hours Productive Time for 200 Days
132 out of 200 days. I continue to track my time by the hour utilizing an app on the lock screen of my phone. 3,104 hours of productive time, a 438 hour increase from the previous year.

#15 250 Days No News/Social Media/YouTube/Netflix
182 out of 250 Days. 494 hours of wasted time, a 188 hour increase from the previous year. How many more of these goals could I accomplish if I converted that to productive time?

#32 Volunteer 100 Hours
71 out of 100 hours, all through Big Brother / Big Sisters. We had to do virtual visits for most of the year, due to COVID, but made it work.

What About Alexis?

She completed her Master’s in Public Health at Harvard University and got a slew of papers published. The end of June marks the end of her two years of research. She’ll be going back to surgical residency for two more years and then hopefully a Pediatric Surgery fellowship after that.

May be an image of 3 people, including Alexis Wrobel and people smiling

Oh, on December 20th, she also gave birth to our son Roark! What an extraordinary event. I’ve never experienced such a broad range of daily emotions from joy to fear to love to frustration.

Six Months Old!

Wrap It Up!

Two fully completed goals and 4.66 partially completed for a total of 6.66 (maybe I should round that number). An abysmal year on the goal front, but a truly life-changing year otherwise.

I vastly underestimated how much of a change caring for a baby would be when I made this list. Sleep quality has been drastically reduced, my schedule is inconsistent, and responsibilities increased.

My lack of goal completion can also be attributed to getting complacent with age. Life is going pretty swell, and the work required to achieve some of these goals doesn’t always seem worth it.

I’m still bullish on goal setting. Eternally optimistic that I can make significant behavior changes in one year. I’m certainly guilty of over-estimating what I can do in a year, but it is encouraging to look back over the last 8 years of results posts and see all of the changes that have happened.

33 Before 33 List coming next week!

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